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Complementary Medicine
Complementary Medicine
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Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine treatments Integrated for patients at Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel


A unique service, integrating complementary medicine treatments for in-patients was established
at Bnai Zion Medical Center in April 2010 under the leadership of Dr. Elad Schiff,
Director of Internal Medicine B, and a graduate of Dr. Andrew Weil's two-year
residential fellowship in Integrative Medicine in Arizona.
The complementary medicine (CM) services were initially implemented in the General Surgery department, and have been provided free of charge.
Referral to CM treatments are made by the department's doctors, and nurses,
according to defined clinical considerations. CM treatments are provided in the standard
patient rooms, often with therapeutic suggestions for family members.
In the following years the service expanded to more departments including- Urology,
Internal Medicine, Pain Management, Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Gastroenterology, IVF,
Delivery Rooms, Hematology, Oncology and Post Anesthesia Care. Currently,
the service is provided by 12 experienced professionals who practice hypnosis, guided imagery,
reflexology, Chinese acupuncture, and the integration of these modalities.

Treatment outcomes of the service are evaluated with quantitative and qualitative research methods.
We are focusing on the effects of the integration on patient reported outcomes,
as well as the way the service affects the patients and their families/caregivers,
medical staff, and the hospital as a whole. We also conduct focused clinical
trials in various clinical scenarios (delirium, COPD exacerbations, labor instrumentation etc.)
Below you can find some published research articles regarding our daily work.

Current Research Projects associated with Oncology
1. Hematology-Oncology - A qualitative study of the experience of
patients in the Hemato-Oncology department who are treated with reflexology to reduce
symptoms associated with chemotherapy.

2. Oncology - A randomized controlled study on the effect of acupuncture on
chemotherapy associated neuropathy, a multi-center study. Supported by the
Adelis foundation $50K

3. Urology - The value of Acupuncture in reducing perioprocedural anxiety
in patients undergoing Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TUR-BT):
A prospective randomized controlled study. - The role of acupuncture in reducing
symptoms during BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin) treatment for bladder cancer:
A sham controlled randomized trial. Supported by the Israel Cancer Association 50K NIS.

4. Surgery - A systematic Delphi approach to create hypnotic scripts for
women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

- Comparative study of various complementary medicine modalities
(acupuncture, reflexology, guided imagery) Vs. standard care in reducing preoperative anxiety.

Publications from our service:
1. Complementary medicine in hospital setting
Complementary medicine for treatment of agitation and delirium in older persons:
a systematic review and narrative synthesis.
Ilana Levy, Samuel Attias, Eran Ben-Arye, Boaz Bloch, Elad Schiff.
In: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry (2017). 32(5):492-508.

S. Attias, L. Keinan Boker, Z. Arnon, E. Ben-Arye, A. Bar'am, G. Sroka,
I. Matter, M. Somri, E. Schiff, Effectiveness of integrating individualized and generic
Complementary Medicine treatments with standard care versus standard care alone for
reducing preoperative anxiety. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 2016.

2. Integrating complementary medicine in medical hospital
Integrating a Complementary Medicine Service Within a General Surgery Department:
From Contemplation to Practice
Elad Schiff, Shmuel Attias, Haim Hen, Gur Kreindler, Zahi Arnon,
Gideon Sroka, Eran Ben-Arye.
In: The journal of alternative and complementary medicine (2012). 18(3), 1-6.

Nurses as boundary actors: Promoting integrative medicine in hospital wards.
Arnon Z., Steinberger D., Attias S., Grimberg O., Peterfreund I., Schiff E., Keshet Y.
In: Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice (2018), 31, 96-103.

Perceiving integration of a complementary medicine service within a general
surgery department through documentation of consultations: A thematic analysis.
In: Patient Education and Counseling (2012), 89(3), 430-433.

Integrative Complementary Medicine for Treatment of Bariatric Perioperative Symptoms:
Patients' Experiences and Staff Evaluations.
Yael Keshet, Samuel Attias, Eran Ben-Arye, Miri Shaham, Ofra Grimberg, Elad Schiff.
In: Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care. (2013). 8(3).

Integrative medicine as a change agent of hospital staff: From hospital orderlies
to partners in health promotion.
Zahi Arnon, Eran Ben-Arye, Samuel Attias, Omer Levy, Elad Schiff.
European Journal of Integrative Medicine (2018). 18, 42-46.

First, keep it safe: Integration of a complementary medicine service within a hospital.
Schiff e., levy I., Arnon Z., Ben-Arye E., Attias S.
The international journal of Clinical Practice. (2018), 72(5).

The perceived impact of integrative medicine in a surgical department.
Keshet Y., Arnon Z., Ben-Arye E., Attias S., Sroka G., MatterI., Schiff E.

In: European Journal of Integrative Medicine (2012), 4(1), 27-35.

3. Possible interactions between dietary and herbal supplement and
prescribed medicines

Use and safety of dietary and herbal supplements among hospitalized patients:
What have we learned and what can be learned?-A narrative review
Ilana Levy, Samuel Attias, Eran Ben-Arye, Elad Schiff
European Journal of Integrative Medicine (2017). 16, 39-45

Consumption of Herbal and Dietary Supplements in Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery:
Cross-Sectional Prospective Study.
Samuel Attias, Ilana Levy, Eran Ben-Arye, Ibrahim Matter, Gideon Sroka, Ofra Grimberg,
and Elad Schiff.
In: Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care. 2016. 11(1):30-36.

Adverse events associated with interactions with dietary and herbal
supplements among inpatients.
Ilana Levy, Samuel Attias, Eran Ben-Arye, Lee Goldstein, Elad Schiff.
In: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2017). 83, 836-845.

Asking patients the right questions about herbal and dietary supplements:
Cross cultural perspectives.
Eran Ben-Aryea, Inbal Halabib, Samuel Attiase, Lee Goldsteinh, Elad Schiffe
In: Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2014) 22(2), 304-310.

Herbs in hemato-oncological care: an evidence-based review of data on
efficacy, safety, and drug interactions
Ben-Arye E., Attias S., Tadmor T., Schiff E.
In: Leukemia & Lymphoma, (2010). 51(8): 1414-1423.

Interactions between dietary supplements in hospitalized patients.
Levy I., Attias S., Ben-Arye E., Goldstein L., Schiff E.
In: Internal and Emergency Medicine. 11(7), 917-927.

Potential drug interactions with dietary and herbal supplements during hospitalization.
Levy I., Attias S., Ben-Arye E., Goldstein L., Schiff E.
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Mind the gap: Disclosure of dietary supplement use to hospital and family physicians.
Ben-Arye E. Attias S., Levy I., Goldstein L., Schiff E.
In: Patient Education and Counseling, (2017), 100(1), 98-103.

Perioperative Risks of Dietary and Herbal Supplements.
World Journal of Surgery (2017), 41(4), 927-934.

4. Chinese medicine
A tongue's tale - A case report of traditional Chinese medicine integration in the cardiology department.
G.M. Kreindler, S. Attias, N. Stoppelman, D. Lousky, Z. Arnon, I. Grinberg Isipovitch, M. Morani, E. Ben-Arye, I. Dubretzki-Merry, E. Schiff.
In: Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2014). 22(6), 1041-1046.

Treating Postlaparoscopic Surgery Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture.
Kreindler G., Attias S., Kreindler A., Hen H., Haj B., Matter I., Ben-Arye E., Schiff E.
In: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2014.

5. Reflexology
Analgesic Effects of Reflexology in Patients Undergoing Surgical Procedures:
A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Samuel Attias, Keren Sivan, Ofri Avneri, Avigail Sagee, Eran Ben-Arye, Ofra Grinberg, Gideon Sroka, Ibrahim Matter, Elad Schiff.
In: Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. (2018), 0(0), 1-7.

Development and validation of a tool to evaluate Inpatient Beliefs, Expectations and Attitudes toward Reflexology (IBEAR-16).
Samuel Attiasa, Elad Schiff, Zahi Arnon, Eran Ben-Aryed, Yael Kesheth, Gideon Sroka, Ibrahim Matter, Lital Keinan Bokerb.
Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2018). 37, 69-76.

Complementary medicine for laboring women: a qualitative study of the effects of reflexology.
Arnon Z., Dor A., Bazak H., Attias S., Sagi S., Balachsan S., Schiff E.
In: Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. 2018

6. Hypnosis
Binding phylacteries: Mind and body meet in the operating room.
Zahi Arnon, Zeev Loberman, Eran Ben-Arye, Elad Schiff.
In: Patient Education and Counseling. 2012, Volume 87, Issue 3, Pages 291-292.

A systematic (‘Delphi') approach to creating hypnotic scripts: A case learned from women undergoing breast cancer surgery.
Zahi Arnon, Asia Brodsky, Ibrahim Matter1, Samuel Attias, Eran Ben-Arye, Elad Schiff.
In: Contemporary Hypnosis and integrative therapy, 2017 ,2(1): 13-20.

The role of hypnosis in multidisciplinary teams in a medical center
Arnon Z., Attias S., Schiff e.
In: Contemporary Hypnosis and integrative therapy (2017), 32(1), 6-12
Abstract: missing

Hypnosis-induced mental training improves performance on the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) simulator.
Sroka G., Arnon Z., Laniado M., Schiff E., Matter I.
In: Surgical Endoscopy, (2015), 29(5), 1024-1029.


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