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Emergency Appeal: Protecting the Future

The Bnai Zion Medical Center was on the frontline of battle when Haifa was attacked during the 2006 Second Lebanon War. Outstanding medical care was provided to more than 500 physically and psychologically wounded victims of Hezbollah terrorist rocket attacks.

The final rocket of the 34-day war exploded a few meters from the hospital. This clearly demonstrated how vulnerable our location is to enemy rockets and underscored the need to build a protected facility.

Emergency Appeal: Confronting the Challenges of War

During times of war the hospital must treat victims of the hostilities, while simultaneously providing medical care to several hundred in-patients and those seeking non-war related emergency care. Further, as a designated military hospital, the Medical Center is prepared at all times to treat soldiers wounded in battle.

Our hospital was built according to construction regulations of the 1980's and it doesn't include an Emergency Room that can withstand rockets and other weapons, or natural disasters like earthquakes and fires.

As part of our preparations for the future, we want to create reinforced facilities that could provide solutions to the residents of Haifa during times of war or disaster.

Israel is in a constant state of war and hostilities can erupt at any time.
This is why the hospital needs your immediate assistance. We see this as such a high priority that any funds that are contributed from abroad to this campaign will be matched by funds from the hospital.

Hospital in a Hospital
The hospital in a Hospital, and underground facility able to withstand the impact of nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, is seeking immediate funding. Once the funding is in place  we can begin construction of this two floors structure that will provide a fully functional emergency room, 200 beds and six specialty departments. This infrastructure will meet the medical and emergency needs of Haifa's ever growing population.

Your investment is a matter of life and death.

Protected ER Main Hall                                                            Nurses' Station

Underground Hospitalization Unit:

The Protected ER from outside as part of the hospital.

For contributions please contact your local Friends of Bnai Zion Medical Center:

In the United States:
Contact Bnai Zion Foundation

In Canada:
Contact The Canadian Committee for the Haifa Foundation
Tel: +1-647-430-7743

For all other countries:
Contact Friends of Bnai Zion Medical Center
Tel: +972-4-8371973



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