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A Warm Welcome from C.E.O
A Warm Welcome from C.E.O
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A Warm Welcome from C.E.O



The Bnai Zion Medical Center has a long, proud history of service to the People of Israel. For almost 100 years, the hospital has served all the people of Haifa and Northern Israel, without regard to religion, gender or ethnicity.
The hospital and its reputation is built on the dedication and caring attitude of its 1,800 employees. It is what I like to call, "The Spirit of Bnai Zion," intangible qualities that set the medical center apart from other hospitals. In Hebrew, it's "Ha-ruach Bnai Zion."

Today the medical center boasts 450 beds, with thirteen institutions and laboratories. More than 65,000 people visit our Emergency Room every year, and in excess of 14,000 surgeries are performed.
Over 3,500 babies are born at the hospital, because it is considered, by their mothers, as one of the premier medical facilities in all Israel. Our doctors are respected around the world for the development of groundbreaking treatments for a number of critical medical conditions and our research and development continue to change the world.

All this is possible thanks to our friends and supporters in Israel and abroad, the Bnai Zion Foundation in the USA, the Friends of Bnai Zion Canada, the Municipality of Haifa, the Ministry of Health and our devoted volunteers.
We strive to maintain a calm atmosphere and the highest level of service for our patients, while facing constant budget cuts, which affect all hospitals. In Israel, government funding is slashed because of Israel's ongoing security challenges and costs related to fighting terror.

This obligates us to operate at maximum efficiency while reducing costs in every possible way. Despite these financial challenges, we continue to improve, develop and attain consistently high levels of medicine and care, all while continuing to produce world-class research.

This means we must enhance our funding efforts, not only to respond to budget cuts, but to create an ongoing flow of investment so we can continue to be on the forefront of medical care, research and education.
I invite you to adopt a project and make it your own. Learn about what we do, who we serve and support our efforts making our community and world a better place.

There are investment opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, organizations, foundations and more. We have naming opportunities available for hospital clinics, floors or wings. Whatever you can contribute is vital to the lives of those we serve, whether through direct services or use of the technologies and treatments perfected under our roof.

I am confident you will be proud of your involvement in our institution, as we will be grateful.

Wishing you good health and hoping to see you when you visit us in Haifa.

Amnon Rofe, M.D.

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